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This guy played pretty good today. @pacers win! @stephensonlance with his record 5th triple-double. (at Bankers Life Fieldhouse)

Last stop of the day #thisis30 #walmartofdistilleries (at Jim Beam American Stillhouse)

Fermentation in action #makersmark (at Maker’s Mark Distillery)

I’ve heard of a line for an Xbox One but this is ridiculous. #bldwin (at //build/ Conference)

Good morning from Microsoft’s //build Developer Conference. They have a DJ. #bldwin #apps (at //build/ Conference)

Just ordered a beer from an iPad. Surely this is the future. @surlybrewing #surlybrewing (at Volante)

I’m no Mario but I’m not sure much water would get through this drain pipe #lookslikecalifornia #waterinthebasemt


ICYMI: Someone made a song using Jeff Goldblum’s weird laugh from Jurassic Park. It’s so weird it’s fantastic. 

Clearly I needed more material for my Jeff Goldblum impression. I don’t know why but I find this hilarious.

A new rectangle was delivered to keep my food cold. It has a meat drawer. #brianregan

Birthday tap list @3floyds #zombiedust (at Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant)

Temporary desk for the day #cows #sheeppresentations (at Indiana State Fairgrounds)